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Nature rewards us all.

Walking through the forest, witnessing waterfalls, gathering wood, building a fire, gazing at the stars – this behavior, once the daily grind of our ancestors, awakens the best in all of us.

Once passed from generation to generation, this fundamental experience is washing away with every "like" on Facebook and Instagram. To be sure, technology know how has become more useful than outdoor skills to survive, and yet our relationship with nature is as critical to our lives as ever before.

We, at Project Waterfall, want to celebrate the privileged connection between us and nature. And between ourselves. Whether we are hiking through the woods or sitting by a pristine stream, this backdrop is the stage for reconnecting with ourselves and rekindling the ancient voice inside of us.


We believe the better way to our wellbeing is to reconnect with nature and enjoy each other in these natural surroundings. So we launched NewCo to create a special place for those who want to reconnect with others, nurture ourselves and rejuvenate. Embrace these instincts and engage in a more healthy lifestyle by immersing in the beauty and wonder of nature.

The launch of NewCo kickstarted an adventure that is taking us to new places, new ideas and new relationships. Acquiring the land in December 2017 - having looked for 10 years - set at the tail of the Appalachian Mountains and enveloped by two pristine creeks and waterfalls, led us to the shared ambition of creating a special retreat for us all to enjoy.


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          F I V E   E X P E R I E N C E S 


We have a number of inspired initiatives underway at NewCo. We want to bring together like-minded people who embrace a fresh way to live, think, recreate, and play outside.

We are shaping five areas that offer different kinds of experiences. 

First, Basecamp will provide several sleeping cottages nestled on the ridge, pavilion and cooking facilities, social spaces, fire pits, and hiking trails to two private waterfalls. Each cottage will afford a private sanctuary for our members and guests while being one step away from your own private nature preserve. What a living room! Unlimited fresh mountain air so you can clear your mind. Treat your body and spirit to the healthy wonder of nature. Deeply connect with loved ones. All for your peaceful enjoyment. 

These are easy to access, easy to attain, easy to enjoy. 


Following the development of Basecamp, we envision:

  • a Wellness Spa and Event Barn, 
  • a micro home village 
  • a hamlet of cabins and treehouses by the creeks
  • Private lots for purchase and rentals